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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Day Ten-Day After Chemo

Ella had a HUGE appetite today, and she didn't keep a thing down. I hate that she is getting use to throwing up. She was really tired today, but she was happy to see Pickles, Aunt Jenny, and have her toes painted today. Grandma and Grandpa took Josh up to Wisconsin for the rest of the weekend to play with his cousins.
Ella and I also went for a walk outside where we got to see her friends Rachel and Ryan for a few minutes. The Doctors said she is safer from germs- outside. When people come over they bring new germs in and they sit in your house till you wipe it away- so outside it is! I took her to the park for a half hour and she swang her little heart out! She is so cold all the time. it was 68 and sunny today, yet I wrapped her in her Snuggie and a blanket to stroll her down to the park. I hated bundling her up like that, because it made her look sick. I know..."harder on me than her."
Thank you to all of Ella's faithful prayers. Have a great weekend, we love you all.


  1. Dear Ella,

    My name is Cameron and I am 6 years old. My Aunt (Pickles)told me you are sick. I just wanted to tell you I hope you feel better soon and we are praying for you.


    Dear Josh,

    I have a baby sister that has to get more attention than me. Sometimes it is hard to be a big brother but my mom says it's a very important job. I love my baby sister so it is worth it. We are praying for you too.


  2. Aunt Katie,

    Can Josh come over and play? I will make sure my mom sends him home with out germs! I am praying for,

    your friend