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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 29-Chemo and good news!

Good Day- Long Morning.
Ella is so bloated, I couldn't find a shirt for her to wear today. When I brushed her hair this morning- the brush was full of little red hairs. It has lost it's shine and always looks greasy. She was mad all morning that she couldn't eat. It took us one hour and 45 minutes to get to the hospital, so much for getting there early. The procedure ran one hour late. As I stroked her hair while we were waiting, so much hair kept coming out. During the procedure, I decided to stay in the room this time. It felt like, so many things had gone wrong, I just felt like I should be there. I couldn't even see what the Dr. was doing, I could only hold Jan's hand and see Ella's face. All the sudden, I started getting light headed and had to sit down. I just felt like I had no control and it just hit me. She did great through the rest of the procedure. She is so tough! As soon as she woke up she asked for her hot dog.
So, now all the good stuff......
No blood transfusion!
Blood Counts were ALL good, Platelets, White ANC, and Reds!
No Chemo till next week!
No More Steroids, for now.
A whole week with good counts means- she can be a kid. We can go out to eat as a family. Or just go to the store! Yea, Yea, Yea!  She will still have the side effects for a bit of the steroids wearing off, and it will take a few weeks for her to lose the 12lbs. she gained while on the steroids, but I am still so happy. We are going to Build a Bear to celebrate!

Thank yo for Praying!


  1. Congratulations! Us Hunters are all praying for you all

  2. Woot! Go God, Go Ella, go!

  3. That is wonderful news!!!!! So, so happy today for you guys!!