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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 14

Ella had a good day today. We got to bring home Joshua and play with Ryan and Rachel. Ella's tummy hurt most of the day, but she had good bursts of energy and didn't get sick at all today. That will start all over again when we go in for Chemo tomorrow.

Today I told Josh that he was very special because God chose him to be Ella's big brother, and God knew he would do a good job. Then Josh asked me why God chose Ella to have Cancer. Damn that 6 year old for being so smart! I didn't know how to answer that except to say he didn't. Gratefully he accepted that answer.
I am taking Josh with for Ella's treatment tomorrow so he has a better understanding of why all this is going on. Visually, it is an easy day. They will access her port or "Magic Medicine Button" and he will just see clear fluid in the tube. He asked if she would be screaming, I told home no because God chose Ella to be brave. He said good, because he can't handle the screaming!

I gave Ella a bath tonight. It is the first time since her port was put in that she has been able to take a bath. She loves baths as much as I do. I bet she will have a big spa tub when she gets older. As soon as she stepped into the water she said "Oh that's good, warms me right up!"
When I was washing her hair, it seemed thinner to me. A few strands came out as I was rinsing her. Her face and belly are fuller. Its only been 2 weeks and I can see some of the subtle changes in her. The biggest change is her voice. She speaks with a different confidence now that she hasn't had in her voice before. Cancer may be silent, but the meds sure do speak loudly.


  1. Wow, kids are so wise, sometimes. Josh will do an excellent job, I think...

  2. Everyone in your family is strong. Josh included and damn smart is damn straight!

  3. I'm so glad that they are being so strong. You are raising your kids so well.

    I hope everything goes well tomorrow. I'll be praying and keeping you all in my thoughts today.

    Sending lots of love. xoxo <3

  4. I'm so glad you are doing this blog... for all of us that are praying for Ella & for you guys but also for YOU. This is a special time & expressing your thoughts through writing will be a "release" for you. You VanGheemers are ALL smart!
    love, love, love-