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Monday, September 13, 2010

Day 19-1st day of School

Josh and Ella had their 1st day of school today. Josh at his new school, and Ella at home. I never thought I'd be a home schooling parent- just didn't think I would have the patience for it, but Ella really got into it today. I'm not really worried that she will fall "behind", but I don't want her days to consist of just feeling sick and watching TV. This way we have a schedule and a plan for when she is feeling well.

She had a good day today. She went with us to take Josh to his 1st day of school, and she got to see her friend Ali for a few minutes this afternoon. She lit up and really enjoyed seeing her friend. Pickles (her babysitter Sara) came over and we took Ella for a walk. She had a pretty good energy level today and took a good nap.
In our family- It's kinda a sign of friendship if you have a nickname. Almost everyone we know has one- including all of us. Even our cat and dog have one. Ella is Tinker or Ella Bella, or Meow Meow if she is playing with Rachel.

Looking forward to tomorrow being another good day, and back to chemo on Thursday.



  1. What is your nickname Katie? :-)

  2. Pick one....Kate, Kat, Schmoop (Steve only on that one). Mita and Sara tried really hard to give me a nickname, but they couldn't find one that fit well. Ella and Josh also call me Perry after Perry the platypus from Phineas and Ferb!

  3. "Hey, where's Perry?" "Curse you, Perry the stay-at-home Mom!"
    I thought Alex's nickname was "Bunny," or maybe "Stinker Butt," but Ali works...

  4. We so loved that we got to see you guys! Alli misses Ella. She said the sweetest prayer for her on the way to your house. I hope Ella can do playdates in the future and that she is having fun painting!

  5. Thanks guys.
    Jenni- you will need to explain Sheera to me!

  6. Was she an old cartoon super hero?

  7. Actually it's spelled She-Ra: Princess of Power! Yes, She-Ra is a fictional cartoon heroine... she is He-Man's twin sister. She is granted the Sword of Protection which gains her the power to transform into She-Ra (her secret identity). Otherwise, she is Pricess Adora. I had to look this up... I didn't know all this! LOL... I just remember her as a POWERFUL FEMALE SUPERHERO!!