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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day!

Just a picture of my adorable little Valentine!
Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


Monday, February 11, 2013

Charles Tillman/Ella Article

Charles Tillman's TendHER Heat Luncheon is a yearly event hosted for mothers and caregivers of seriously ill children.  I was honored to speak in 2011 and 2012.  They recently asked me to be interviewed regarding my experience at the luncheon.
Thought you might all enjoy the article.

TendHER Heart-Tillman Foundation

Ella has her monthly clinic check-up tomorrow.  Now, she just likes that she gets to miss a day of school! Two weeks and two days left in her cast.  She is handling it like a pro now, except I did get whacked in the head with it while trying to snuggle with her one night.  Man those things hurt!  She could not stop laughing.  I am really looking forward to the kids being off for Spring Break. I miss them when they are at school.  We had a decent snow fall last week and I already had a snow day planned out in case they were able to stay home, but no snow day for us.  So we moved my big plans to Saturday. we pushed all the couches in the family room together in the family room.  Brought down a few goose-down comforters and pillows from our beds and cuddled in for a movie.  We also made Belgium Waffles with whipped cream for breakfast and built a volcano that we had planned to erupt on Sunday, but the weather turned to icy rain and changed our plans.  Counting down till their next day off in March!

Thanks so much!  Please Join us so you can keep in touch with us through the rest of Ella's journey!