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Monday, September 20, 2010

Day 26

I know this day isn't over yet, but I need to take a moment to revel in how strong my little girl is.
Steve pointed out something very important yesterday and I want to share it.
During this entire process, she has not questioned us. Not in the hospital as we held her down. Not to take her medicine. Not to stay in the house and forgo play dates. Nothing. Today for the first time she had a real melt down about taking her medicine, but that is really it. Through this entire process, even though we are only a month in, she has not questioned that we love her, and we are doing what is best for her. Her Faith in our love for us, and God's love for her is stronger than my own at times. I think she is the Strong/Silent type ;-).
Have a good day.


  1. Amazing how much stronger our kids are than us sometimes. You are truly blessed with an awesome family, and clearly God has given each of you a special gift to strengthen the whole...

  2. Ella is a good example for all of us...
    She doesn't question anything because she knows you love her and you're doing what's best for her. We should also know that God loves us and that He does what's best for us!
    Ella is amazing! God bless your family!

  3. Ditto what Richard very true & well said! My continued prayers are with you all Katie.