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Monday, September 27, 2010

Day 33

Ella had a really good day today. She was in a good mood this am and Morgan had her laughing all morning on the way to school. I can not tell you how happy I was to hear her laugh today- belly laugh. Poop talk made her crack up! So- poop it is!
She did her school work and had a decent appetite- and no fever! YEA! Tomorrow we are picking up grandma for a little visit and if everything goes well, we are going out to dinner as a family. Fingers crossed.
Josh had Karate tonight and got his white belt and a stripe. He really likes it, and he had been unusually aggressive this past month. I might just be hyper sensitive about my children right now, but I do want to make it sure we all make it out of this in one piece. As whole as possible, but I know we are all forever changed.

Thursday Ella will have another spinal. hopefully we will find out tomorrow whether or Not Ella is officially a Rapid Responder!

Again, thank you to everyone for your prayers, gifts, emails and cards.-Katie


  1. Praise God she's doing great! I pray she feels like that everyday. Love ya!

  2. Congratulations, Josh! Good job with your karate. Katie, tell him the next time we are able to see you all, I'll be expecting to see some of his moves. So glad the fever is at bay we'll be praying for official news that Ella is a RR. As always, lots of love to everyone...and congrats to Steve for marathon #9. Happy Birthday too.

  3. PRAISE for the really good day, PRAISE for Josh (good job, buddy!) & PRAISE for Steve's 9th marathon!!!! WOW! and...thank God for cool fall breezes, comfortable beds, down comforters, poop-talk & belly laughs!!! :)

  4. Way to go Josh! So cute in the pic! Give him a high five and a big hug from us! It is always a good time for poop talk :) Lots of love!