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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday November 16th, 2011

Ella's thoughts on Cancer......
Ella Bella had clinic yesterday. She did well, her counts were good, which makes me feel better about her being in school all day. ANC was 2000, which is stellar. Her liver function is down to 2 times the normal level, which is way down from 8 times the normal levels. Small victory and we will take it.  She is growing. She was 3'5 tall when we started this journey and now she is up to 3'8.75". Her weight is also up to 44 pounds, and so they had to increase some of her medications.
Ella in Recovery from Spinal. Her eyes tear up from the medication.
Today her back was hurting from her spinal, she napped and fell asleep early tonight. This is how I know she really isn't feeling great.  It seems like she feels worse after each clinic visit. Hopefully she will feel better tomorrow.
I forgot my camera for the first time I think. So I had to use my phone to take a few pictures. She was focused on going to Red Robin to eat when she was done. She could not eat anything till the procedure was done. She knows it is going to be a rough clinic visit if she can't eat. The first thing she asks when she hears it is a clinic visit week is "Can I eat?". All she wanted was macaroni and cheese and melon from Red Robin. It is so funny that such a little thing to focus on can just get her through it. She is so amazing. As she was drifting into twilight and I just kept smiling at her and whispering "I love you, I love you, I love you".
She is my little hero.

We did our family photos this past week. Thought I would share it with everyone.

Thank God for all your Blessings- big and small. Happy Thanksgiving.

Blessings~Katie and Family

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 15th, 2011-Clinic Prayer

My Prayer today for my daughter.

Dear Father, please hold my child today.
Be with her this morning when she can't eat.
Be with her when she is nervous on the way to the hospital.
Be with her when she is anxious because she knows when they call her name, she has to go through the doors that start her chemo.
Calm her while she is anxious as they take her weight, height and the squeezie takes her blood pressure.
Hug her as we walk in to see the nurses who treat her and try not to fall in love with her, because they are afraid of losing her too.
Hold us both as she sits on my lap and I hold her as they put the needle in her chest.
Be with nurses who do this procedure.
Thank you for the nurses who do this and then crack jokes at each other all morning in love.
Be with her as she anxiously waits for her blood tests to come back.
Thank you for her grandparents who keep her occupied and smiling during the waiting times.
Be with the doctor who will examine her today, please guide their hands and their heart.
Thank you for the doctors that treats my child's body and spirit.
Thank you for the craft lady that adds another distraction while Ella is waiting for her spinal.
Be with her as she sits on the table waiting for her spinal.
Be with her as the inject her with drugs.
Hold her still while they take spinal fluid to be tested.
Please do not let there be any cancer in her spinal fluid.
Be with her as chemo is injected into her spinal fluid and we watch as the fluid drips on the table.
Please hold her as she comes out of the medicine and begins to wake up.
Please be with the nurse who watches her today to make sure she comes out of it okay.
Please be with her as the administer chemo through her port.
Please be with the doctors that test her spinal fluid, don't let them miss anything.
Please let her feel the love of her family and friends that are praying for her today.
Please let her be happy
Please let her be cancer free.