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Friday, September 10, 2010

Day 16

Ella did really well today. We planted purple and yellow tulips for the spring and got some fresh air today! She was nauseous all day, but that was it. So- pretty good. She was really tired and took a nap. She has never been a napper, and still says "I'm not tired!", but them falls fast asleep.

She looks so different already. Her face looks like a chipmunk that is storing it's winter nuts. You can't even see her dimples. Her poor belly is swollen too. Her 4T pants use to hang of of her, and now they are too tight. We read a book this morning about a little girl with leukemia that lost her hair (a Charlie brown book). When we were done with the book, Josh told Ella she was beautiful.

I'm tired and crankie. I haven't worked out since the first week of August. Looking forward to walking tomorrow for Cancer with Ella and friends, but also nervous. We haven't seen too many kids yet, and I've only met 2 families in this situation. This will in a very visual way make it even more real. Tonight I kinda feel like running away, but at the same time nothing can pull me away from her side.

We have been taking Ella's picture almost everyday. This is from Monday when we were in Baraboo visiting family. This is her Aunt, Uncle and cousins.

Have a good weekend. Love-Katie


  1. Have fun walking tomorrow. It is supposed to be a beautiful day. Kisses to Ella. Miss you guys so much! I hope I can see you soon!
    Love, Jimena

  2. I'm so glad that chemo went well for Ella and that she's doing well. She's been in my thoughts everyday, as are you and the rest of the family. Hope the walk goes well today. I'm sorry I can't be apart of it but will be thinking of you!! I'll be cheering on the NIU Huskies, watching my younger sister, Kristi, in the Huskie Marching Band. :) She keeps up with your blog, too. Sending lots of prayers, love and hugs as always.