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Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 22-Chemo

Today was a good day! Ella's White and Red counts were good, so no blood transfusions! YEA!!! I think we were the only one's in Clinic that didn't need one. Auntie Carrie helped to keep her occupied and we were at the zoo by 1pm! We also did tattoos at clinic today, and Ella wore her purple tutu and matching frilly purple leggings! As you can see, she wanted this special tattoo from her Nanna right in the middle of her forehead! She has gained 7lbs in 13 days from the steroids she is taking.

She had a list of animals to see at the zoo, and we walked it in about an hour and she was out all the way home from the zoo. Well, until we were in construction and almost home and she decided she had to go potty "Right Now!" Oh well, poop happens!

When we got home there were more pages for her book and gifts on the porch- Thank you. I know I haven't met everyone that has sent us a letter, card, gift or email- but your kindness is so very much appreciated. We feel very blessed. Ella ate 2 dinners and asked to go to bed at 6:30pm, which was okay with me. We both fell fast asleep and got up around 6am this morning.

Daddy is running a Marathon in Wisconsin this weekend, one in Iowa next weekend, and the Chicago marathon on 10-10-10. The Chicago marathon will be his 10th marathon! we got the all clear to go watch him this weekend as long as Ella is doing well on Saturday. GO DADDY!

Love, Katie


  1. You guys are amazing!!! SOOOO glad to hear Ella had a great day yesterday! Praying for more wonderful days ahead! Love the tutu:).

  2. She does look chubby! I love it! Love the outfit too! I'm glad she had a great day! Love you guys!

  3. SO glad it was a good day!
    WOW, I didn't realize Steve was such a marathoner! My cousin & his wife are running Chicago, too. They watched Carlos & I run in 2007, so will be cheering them on this year. Maybe we can plan to meet up?