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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day Eight-Yuck.

Ella woke up hungry again and asking for food this morning. This is really good since we need to keep her energy and calories up. The steroids make her hungry, but they also upset her tummy. She couldn't sleep last night because her belly hurt. She woke up at least 5 times and we tried everything we could think of that wasn't a medication. She ate 2 breakfasts and at least 3 other meals today, she was also doing pretty good on her fluids-then she threw it all up. It was like her belly saved the entire day and then- rejected it all at once.
I will spare everyone the details, but YUCK. Poor ella didn't know what to do. She was so upset that her blankies were dirty and she couldn't snuggle with them to comfort herself. She is a blankie girl! She has to have her soft fuzzy blankies by her face when she is sleeping. It is really cute how she reaches out for them in her sleep. Not fun for Ella. Josh yelled "gross" and ran to where he couldn't see "it". She has been really cold the past few days and I had just gotten back from buying her new PJ's that were warm and fuzzie, so hey- at least she got to wear a new pair of jammies!

Tomorrow Ella has to have a Spinal Tap, where they will inject Chemo into her spinal fluid, and a Bone Marrow Aspiration. They will access the special "Medicine Button" that they put into her chest and she will have chemo through an IV too. Please pray that these procedures go well for her, I know it will be scary to see them stick a needle into her chest- for all of us.

I would like to thank all of Ella's little prayer guardians out there. I am finding it hard to pray the way I know I should right now, so thank you for doing it when I struggle. Thank you all for every post and kind word. Thank you all for wanted to help my family during this time. We feel so very blessed.

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