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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 34- My Birthday

I was really hoping that we would hear back today about Ella's bone marrow test. I thought that would be the best gift ever- that she was a Rapid Responder for sure and her treatment wouldn't be as strong, but we never heard a thing. Actually, the best gift ever would have been waking up this morning and realizing that I've had a month long bad dream and that my little girl was in bed with us because she was being sneaky- not because she felt like crap (or in her words poopie!). I have to say the best part about today was the morning- Ella laughed SO MUCH this morning. I recorded it on my cell phone so I could hear her whenever I needed to. She was even laughing today when she heard it.
We tried to go out to eat for dinner, but if you know me, you know- they always mess up my order. Tonight was no different. We ended up getting the entire meal comped- which was fine, but I would have much rather have paid for the meal and NOT have spent 2 hours in Claim Jumpers. Ella was exhausted after 1 hour, and just wanted to go home. I told Steve we are having a birthday do-over at a later date.

Steve is taking Ella to treatment on Thursday. This will be his first time. I need another set of eyes and ears. Every time we have been in the clinic for treatment- there has been some kind of issue. I like the staff- but I don't want Ella (or me) to have to listen to the staff fight with the labs to get her meds right- or be delayed an hour because they can't find equipment.  This process is stressful enough on us as a family. These little things are starting to make a big difference.
So for today- I am grateful to all my friend for remembering my birthday- which seems so very un-important to me right now- but I am grateful for everyone who let me know that I am important to them. Thank you my friends. You are such a blessing to me.
Tonight- please pray not only for Ella, but for Every child and their family that has to go through this journey.

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