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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 35- Good News!

Yea! Ella is officially now a Low Risk, Rapid Responder! It doesn't change the fact that her treatment will be 2+ years, but it means it will not be as strong. Praise God and thank you all for praying so much for Ella and our family.
She continued to be in a good mood this morning and decided to decorate the house for my birthday with streamers- she loves streamers. So now most of the tables, footstool, and my bed have streamers on them.
So happy to see my little Tinker smiling again. Tomorrow she has a spinal chemo injection and IV chemo. Then for the next 28 days she has to take an oral chemo and get spinals weekly. I can only think about her treatment a month at a time. It is too overwhelming to think about the two years we have left- baby steps right?  Daddy and grandma are taking her to clinic tomorrow, and mommy will have 1/2 a day off. I think I will sleep, no- maybe sleep, wait- I've got it....SLEEP!
Have a good night, get some sleep. K


  1. This is sooooooo exciting!! I am so happy for all of you!! Also, Happy Birthday! What a wonderful gift!! Even if it was a day late! Congrats and the streamers are great!

  2. Fantastic! So happy to hear that. Streamers for you and her.

  3. Great news!!!! Praying for you all!!