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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Days 118-120

Our 2010 Christmas Morning Picture
Merry Christmas! We feel so blessed that Ella was in a great mood and able to really enjoy Christmas with us! She got to come to church with us, and to watch her singing and dancing to the music was AWESOME! We had such a fun Christmas Day. We opened all out gifts and hung out, then went sledding together. We finished off the day with an awesome meal that daddy made, and even had him cook it again on the 26th! Right now she is a happy little girl!

I know this is probably harder on us then on her, but she starts delayed intensification tomorrow. She has a spinal and chemo treatments tomorrow. I want to stop time so she can just stay ion this happy "zone", but I know that is beyond my mommy super powers.
So, please pray that she handles the spinal and the new chemo drugs well tomorrow. Pray that she doesn't get sick and smiles for at least a few more days.


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