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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 99- Perspective

It did stick! I made a mental note as I fell asleep to listen for when the kids woke up this morning so I could hear their excitement over the snow. I know some people hate the snow, and don't get me wrong, after the "White Stuff" turns grey from all the cars driving through it and we have been trapped in the house for a month because it is so cold outside- it's not my favorite thing anymore either. But, a child's perspective on snow is so completely different than ours. They see it as a chance to play and build things. Josh commented all day that he really liked wearing all of his "gear", which surprised me because I can not get him to put on a hat and gloves for school to save my life!
Today was a big play day. We live on a bit of a slope so Steve and the kids spent a good part of the afternoon sledding in our yard while I took pictures and made hot coco. Ella got to go to a friends birthday party today and she was excited just to play and get a "Make Over". I might be able to get use to all this "Normalcy".

Today Josh and I went into the dentist to have our teeth cleaned.  He went first and was bummed that he didn't get to sit in the waiting room and play with his DSi. Then the tech started asking about the DSi, and why he got it. Then she kinda kept asking about why he got it. Was it his birthday or early Christmas gift? So, I told her Josh got it for being a really good big brother to his sister who is going through chemo.  I felt so bad after I said it because she said she was going to cry. Then I apologized for upsetting her. She said she was teary because she had a 4 yr. old special needs child. We were at the dentist for almost 3 hours this morning. Her son was born with only 1/3 of his brain. She told me all about him and what wonderful strides he has made, what a fighter he is. As I was sitting there, she commented to me that she hears a story like Ella's and feels like her son doesn't have it that bad. Funny, I was thinking the same thing after I heard her story. I guess it is just a matter of perspective.


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