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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 123

Ella bella
Ella did well today. same complaints- upset stomach and tonight she was getting mad that dinner was late getting to the table. "I want pizza!" was the chant heard at our house around 6pm tonight. She fell asleep early again tonight.
Clinic tomorrow. I expect it to be quick, but I don't know if they need to run her counts again. This procedure requires her to get 2 shots at the same time in both of her thigh muscles. It will not be fun.

I wish I knew how to explain to Josh about "fairness". So many times today he complained about things being fair. "Why does Ella get out of the car first?" or "Why does she get more play dates?" I feel like I have calmly explained to him so many times why things don't always seemed balanced between the 2 of them. He gets to do so many things that she just can't, but those don't seem to make it into the "It's not fair" equation. Please don't get me wrong, he has been such a good big brother, I just wish I could help him understand that what seems like "not fair" to him doesn't really come close to the 'NOT FAIR" of having cancer.


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