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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 124- The Wisdom of Strawberry Shortcake

Ella and her newest Build A Bears (or dogs)
I can't stress how much I really wished I did not fully comprehend what her procedures entailed. When we got to Clinic today Ella just kept saying "I'm scared mommy, I'm scared." What do you say to that? I told her I was right there and staying by her side, but this is the time when as parents we usually get to say "Don't be scared, I'm right here!"  How on earth could I tell her not to be scared?

They did the chemo shots into her thighs today. 2 nurses came in and did them at the same time. We stayed for an additional hour to make sure she didn't have a reaction to the drug (PEG) and to go over the use of the Epi-Pen. When the nurse was talking to me, I lost it. I really try not to lose in in front of Ella. She was on my lap watching TV so she couldn't see me, but I still lost it. Maybe it's just a lack of sleep. Ella got up a total of 6 times last night between trying to go potty and not being able to feel her favorite blankie next to her. I have to keep the pen and Benadryl around for 3 weeks to make sure she doesn't have a reaction. So, I guess she will be sleeping in our room for the next few weeks.

So, we left Clinic and all Ella wanted to do was go to B-A-B. She didn't want to eat or go home- just Build A Bear. So, as I was driving, I was having the debate in my head again about material things and how I am struggling with always giving her "things" after clinic. In the van Ella and Jesania were watching Strawberry Shortcake.  As I was having this debate in my head, I heard Strawberry say the following as I pulled into the mall "You may not need it, but you deserve it".  And yes, today she definitely deserved it!  I forgot to bring her stroller so we had to carry her through the mall, to B-A-B and back out to the car. Her legs are too sore to walk right now. My right arm is going to be HUGE when she is done with this! She got a new puppy and all of it's accessories.

She was watching Aurthur when we got home today and DW (his sister) was having minor surgery. DW ain't got nothing on my Ella!

Have a Happy New Year Everyone. I am looking forward to having dinner and drinks with friends!


Peg information below written by Carrie Grage, Mom to Hannah Thanks!


  1. More info on the Peg shot:
    The PEG, or Pegaspargase, is a fantastic anti-cancer drug. It basically works by starving cells of the all important chemical called asparagine. All cells need this chemical to stay alive. Normal cells can make it. Cancer cells cannot. So this enzyme, asparaginase,(PEG) breaks down the chemical, asparagine in the body. The good cells will continue, cancer cells will die. Super awesome.

    Until you get to the side effects. Nothing is so comforting as reading up on what could potentially occur! For this particular drug, having a serious allergic reaction is common and the chances of having a reaction increase with every dose given. If an allergy develops, no more PEG shots can be given.

  2. Hi VanGheem family! Ella is so precious. I am sorry your family is traveling this road as well. Your blog is wonderful, though.
    I love the Strawberry Shortcake wisdom. And right at the perfect time. I struggle with the, how much is too much, with gifts after chemo as well. I can also indentify with not knowing how to comfort Hannah about treatments. It doesn't feel credible anymore for me to say that it is going to be ok. It does help Hannah for me to go over every detail of what is about to happen. I think it adds an element of control for her that she finds comforting. Either way, this is hard.
    It look like you guys are in the DI phase. Does her protcol have DI 1 & 2 or do you head to LM after this?

  3. Peg information originally posted by Carrie Grage- Mom to Hannah:
    Thanks so much.