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Friday, December 10, 2010

Days 103, 104, and 105

Ella's treatments are at Loyola, they hosted a dinner and presentation this week for families who have children with cancer. I was surprised at how few families were there, but the ones that were, you knew they were willing to do anything they thought might help their children through this awful journey. The best thing that came out of that dinner for me was meeting another family with a 6 year old girl that has ALL. They are a few months ahead of us in treatment, and our paths have never crossed in clinic. I read her Caring Bridge (kinda like a blog) today, and now there is another child I'm in love with! These kids are so strong! This song just keeps going through my head:

The words "And I will find my strength in the shadow of your wings." keeps going through my head. I just picture all these little kids standing behind HIM gathering their strength to move through another day- full of faith and love.

Ella's Nurses
The next day Ella had Clinic. Her ANC was so high, they did her blood work 3 times! It was, dare I say-Normal? Her ANC was 6550. The highest it has ever been before this was 1700. Well, I am scared that her ANC is so high. I don't care what the Dr.'s tell me -I'm worried. She fell asleep during Chemo, so she must have been really tired. Today my 6:30 am early riser slept until 8:00 and took a 2 hour nap. Her temp was 98.7, but for her, that is a little high. I know, I know, but I'm just keeping an extra close eye on her! This was the largest chemo dose she has had. She gets a break for Christmas now. They are not starting the next protocol until December 27th. This will be the hardest one she will have, and it lasts 2 months. After Chemo she had her usual trip to Build A Bear, this time with Auntie Carrie. I can't tell you how much she loves these animals. They know her by name now at the store.

Ella playing with her B_A_B's

2 of her favorites

Tonight she and Josh are having a Popcorn and Movie night with there friends. They were all so excited to have a "Long" play date in their jammies. Popcorn is a food group in our family. We have special bowls and flavors for this occasion!
Rachel, Ella, Joshua, and Ryan just hanging out on popcorn night!

I found out this week that someone else I love has cancer. I just cried. I am so tired of this invisible beast hurting the people I love. Please add Jim and his family to your prayers. Jim and Karen are like parents to me and I love them dearly.
Have a great weekend. The kids are singing this Sunday at Church and I am so excited to see them up on stage!

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  1. Really hope to see the kids sing in church! Ella is a cutie and strong like crazy. While I've never had friends with cancer (little c!), I'm reminded of the little kids at the summer camp I went to for years. They had braces or little wheelchairs and some were having other health issues. Did they care? No, they were concerned with having fun and raising heck as soon as the parents were gone. I used to be one of them but waay cuter. ;-) Now, I'm 29 1/2 and still wanting nothing more than fun.

    Happy Thoughts!