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Monday, December 6, 2010

Day 101

Ella and Josh both have fevers today. Ella has been hoovering in the 99's all day, but Josh woke up at 101.4 and stayed around that for the day. So, I kept them in separate rooms today in attempt to get them both healthy. When we told Josh he was cold because he was sick, he said "Good thing I am sick". Steve asked him why, and he said it was better that he was sick instead of Ella.

Yesterday, we took Ella to church. Steve and I were trying to figure out how to go so that 1 of us could be home with Ella. I am helping with the Children's Choir at church this year, and I have been having Ella practice with Josh. She asked if she could go and sing with her friends. So, we took her and let her sit in the balcony with us. Church is family to us, and I guess I was forgetting it is for her too. I have mentioned before that I wish I could be one of those "Worship with your hands in the air" type of people. On Sunday, there was a worship song that said to raise your hands in worship. There sat our 4 year old- with her hands in the air, singing the words she picked up- to a song she didn't really know. Showing everyone how to Praise the Lord. Awesome.

Today we played with the Build a Bears and she asked to put on make-up. She snuggled all the bears around our cat and we had a Birthday Party complete with sign for her kitty named Meow Meow. She had a good day.

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