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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 106

Josh's "Tootie" certificate

Josh lost a tooth last night. "Tootie the Tooth Fairy" came to visit and left a certificate and $1 under his pillow. When Josh woke up this morning, we asked him if he found anything under his pillow, he said yes, but he wanted to wait for Ella to wake up so she could see it too. I know I'm his mom, which means my opinions are as slanted as a politician trying to get elected, but isn't he the best brother ever?

Ella had a hard time falling asleep last night and slept in again this morning. We were invited by a foundation to a kids Christmas Party today and she threw up on the way there. All over her Christmas Dress, her blankie and coat. She was still determined to go so we cleaned her up as best we could- and went anyway. The kids had fun, but for me it was a swift reminder of how fast tings can change. It left me in a funk. We haven't had her get sick in the car in such a long time, we were totally un-prepared for it. No gallon bags, no paper towels, no extra clothes. Ahrg. She and Josh got to play games at Dave and Busters and decorate cookies.

Steve and Ella at Dave and Busters

Despite the fun they had, they were both anxious to leave because we were picking up Jesania today to spend the night. Now they are snuggled on the couch watching Christmas movies, and waiting for Steve to make popcorn.

Jesania and Ella

Looking forward to tomorrow. My friend Sandi and I are running the Choir at church and I can't wait to see 40 smiling singing kids tomorrow- including my 2! Ella is so happy she gets to be there with her friends. They have been practicing every day after school. She LOVES to sing and dance.

Have a good evening.

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