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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 102

Snuggle Buddies
I kept Josh home today, just to make sure he is healthy. He asked me this morning, "Mom, do I get to be with Ella today?" As you can see, I let them play together today and have a jammie day. I hope and pray that they love each other this much even when they are 80 years old! They had a good day. Right now they are still on the couch by the Christmas tree snuggling.
Tomorrow night, the family is going to a presentation at Loyola about how to make it through Cancer. Let me re-type that....cancer. I have decided to no longer capitalize this word. Capitalizing it supplies it with too much importance. Anyway I won't be able to update until after Ella has clinic on Thursday. We are going to stay at my friends house by the hospital so Ella and I don't have to drive back and fourth late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning. Please pray that her counts are good, and that this last dose didn't send them plummeting down like last time. If they are low, then we might be deferred and have to go back again this week or early next week. I have decided not to go to our local hospital to have blood drawn unless the weather is really bad. I just don't want her to be poked more than she needs to be.


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