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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Day 47-Rockin My Purple Wig!

Sara and Ella Reading- She can't get enough of books right now.

My girl can rock a purple wig! She had another great day.
This morning she read stories and played with Pickles (Sara) while I cleaned the house. Worked on a word wall and handwriting, and danced to Abba's Dancing Queen with Rachel after lunch. All and all a really good day for Ella. She asked for a bright colored wig and one to wear for Halloween, so we got 2, but the purple one was the favorite. She has already asked for the other 3 colors Walmart had.
When I went to pick up Josh from school, there is a helper who gets the kids to your car. As Josh and Morgan got in, they commented on Ella's wig- and so did the helper. She said "cool wig!" and Josh replied- "yea, she is losing all her hair so she has to wear a wig". I was watching Ella and I saw her smile disappear a little. When we got home, she said she wanted a wig to wear when she lost all her hair, she said she needed a place for her headbands to go. She is so smart.

Short one tonight.


  1. Katie, you are so strong and I'm amazed at your strength and your positive attitude as I'm bawling my eyes out typing this. You are the Rock that little Ella needs and thrives on now, so know a lot of prayers are going up for you and all you do. I can't imagine doing what you do. God Bless You!

  2. Exactly what Lena above said. Exactly. Word for word. :)

  3. You're a brave woman, Katie. I hope and pray for little Ella to be healed. I've read another girl going through the same problem and I can't help but notice the colorful wigs used by her. Like Ella, the said girl wear purple wig aside from her tons of new born free wigs, lace wigs and sepia wigs. Thanks for the inspiring post!