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Friday, October 8, 2010

Day 44

We have friends who have a child with disabilities. This is a child that we would get to see weekly, and that I grew to not only love, but admire. And every time my husband and I would talk about this family, we wondered how the parents could be so strong and we would always take a moment to thank God that our children were healthy. Now, we are those parents, and we are that family. We are the ones that our friends go home and talk about, and wonder home we make it though the day. Everyone I see tells me how strong I am, but I never thought I could be strong. Often marveling at how God could make the sacrifice of his son and stand by and watch him suffer- I never thought I could watch my child suffer (and I am in no way comparing the 2).

Ella threw up this morning. She then spent the morning playing with Grandma and Grandpa while I ran to the store. For as much as I hated the steroids, I wish I could get her to eat ANYTHING now. At about 2.30 today- she finally said she would have a cheese roll up from Taco Bell. So, we hopped in the car and to Taco Bell we went. She and I took a little walk and found colorful leaves today to make a placemat with. Her steps are unsteady- like a small child she has to be careful with every step. She can’t make it up the stairs to get into the house without help. All of this aside- she laughed today, she played with her brother, and she smiled. That makes it a good day.

Steve is running his 10th Marathon this Sunday on 10-10-10...wish him luck!

Blessings, Katie

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