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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 38 &39 ER Again

All day Saturday Ella had a fever. Steve and I were going crazy searching the house for the 1 thermometer that we spent big bucks on to make sure we had one that was accurate- couldn't find it anywhere!  I sent him back out to the store for another one. We are assuming that the original thermometer is with our missing camera and a few dozen missing socks.
Her temp it hit 102 and we called the doctor. This time we went to Loyola's ER- much better. It still took forever and she was really tired, but the staff knew what they were doing and our nurse Katie was great. They were able to access her port and checked Ella's counts. Her white counts were good- so they gave us an antibiotic again and sent us home. We got home around 3am. She still has a fever, so we called back today. They think she might have a virus. This means there is nothing we can give her and we have to wait and see if her body fights it off. She will have to go back tomorrow if the fever persists.
She has been sleeping a lot now, and she doesn't really want to eat much. She has asked for cinnamon rolls a few times, but not much else. She is drinking well- so that is good.
Every time we head off to the doctor, I say a prayer that she will be okay, and they send us home. She is starting to fight us on taking her meds. Today she threw up right after we gave them to her. I can't blame her. We hide her pills (crushed) in Strawberry syrup. I am kinda betting she will have an aversion to strawberry as she gets older. her hair is really thin now, it's everywhere, but she still doesn't want to cut it. it is one of the only things she can have control over- so for now- long and falling out it is. Steve is going to shave his head when her hair is gone. Maybe for the marathon next week.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.

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