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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 45- Our normal day!

Ella asleep in her bed!
 Ella had such a great day today! She went for a long walk this morning to collect leaves with Sara. We colored for 1.5 hours, she walked up and down the stairs on her own today AND went for a bike ride!!! Plus Steve and I went our for dinner and had a date. We had a normal day. We had a normal day. WE HAD A NORMAL DAY!!!!!!! Added bonus- she is sleeping in her own bed right now, exhausted from a fun day.
For all the days that I've gotten to the end of the day, and not taken the time to appreciate the little things- I am sorry. If your child laughed today, smiled at you, was able to ride their bike and walk up the stairs, please take a moment to be grateful. Give them an extra kiss tonight when you tuck them into bed and be happy that they are sleeping in their own beds. I hope this experience makes me a better parent to Josh and Ella.

Josh asleep in his bed!
Have a great weekend.

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