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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Days 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, and 93

Ella has had a really good week. She has played hard, laughed and was just a kid. A few times she and Josh just played upstairs for hours. One of their favorite pass times is taking every cushion off the 2 couches in the living room  to create some kind of fort or jumping pile. She even had a sleep over at her friends house. Her brother is so jealous that none of his "guy" friends are ready to do sleepovers yet.

We decorated the rest of the house for Christmas. We have 4 trees up now, and I am sure Comm Ed will love us this year. I wish I had a camera when Ella saw the lights outside the house last night. Her eyes got so wide and she said "How did my Daddy get the lights up on the trees!" Josh, spent the night last night in front of the Christmas Tree in the living room. I just love this time of year for them! All the innocence and wonder in their eyes. Josh said he wants a computer, I told him it was too expensive- he said "Just ask Santa to make one!" He looked at me so seriously. it's a good thing he can't read me that well yet, otherwise he totally would have caught on when I told him Santa didn't make electronics. Now I have to remember that I said that.
Dang, smart kid!
Josh and Ella

In front of the tree...

Tomorrow is clinic, and Ella is for a spinal tap to check for cancer in her Central Nervous System and to get chemo injected into her spine. She is not allowed to eat in the am, which is always hard- but she is tough. She usually has a list of demands for what items she would like to eat as soon as she is done. I can't sleep, because I know what she has to go through tomorrow, and I hate it.
Please pray that she will sleep well tonight and her counts are good tomorrow.
Josh trying to give Ella bunny ears in the pic!

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