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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Day 95

Our French bread.....
Ella maintains her Rock Star status for today! She spent the morning playing with Pickles (Sara) and helped me make bread this afternoon. She likes punching the bread down, and eating it! She took a nap this afternoon, but then she had a hard time falling asleep tonight. I am still amazed at how well she is taking the chemo, and just in awe of how strong she is.  We have been making a lot of bread lately. I just love how the house smells when it is done!
I saw someone that I had not seen in a year today. I still haven't come up with a good way to answer the "So, what's new?" question. "Oh not much, my daughter has Cancer." That just doesn't seem like a good way to start a conversation! Oh well, I still have a few years to figure it out.
Ella has Clinic again next week. Thank you all for your continued prayers.

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