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Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 84- Unconditional Love

July 2010 at the Butterfly Exhibit celebrating Grandma's Birthday.
Unconditional Love.  It isn't something that we get to see often, but I got to see it in spades this morning around 5:30am. I think it is easier to see in animals and children then in adults, but today I got to see it in a Grandma. 
Steve's parents left for warmer weather this morning. They were here for the past 2 days to spend some time with us and go to clinic with Ella before leaving for the winter. Ella had a rough night last night, so I was curled up in her twin bed with her at 5:30 this morning when Grandma came in to say goodbye. Ella wasn't sleeping well so she got right up. Grandma was crying, and they were smiling at each other. Then Ella got up for her hug and I watched them just hold each other and whisper words of love to each other. That was it. Unconditional Love.  Nothing said besides how much they loved each other, but you could just tell by the way they looked and smiled. It was like they both just knew. Where they are, doesn't matter. Ella still knows how much she is loved. Ella stayed up and I blurry-eyed, stumbled back into my room and prayed for a few more minutes of sleep. I know the rest of the morning was filled with similar exchanges between Grandma, Grandpa, Josh and Ella. And, I am sure there were many tears that followed as they pulled out of the driveway. But, I also know without a doubt, that Ella and Josh know how much their Grandma and Grandpa love them.

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