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Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 79 and 80

With just the one dose of Chemo, Ella is holding up really well. We had school today and lots of Arts/Crafts time.
She asked me today why she can't have any play dates and why we stayed home all day. I wish she could just have a normal kid childhood. This really makes me hurt for her. I do my best and when she is well enough I let her play as much as possible. But on days like today, when she has more energy than I do and just wants to play- it is hard for her to understand that she is sick. There is a good chance she will not be able to go to Joshua's Birthday party this weekend- which makes me so sad.
Her next clinic is Thursday with daddy. If her counts are up, she will get 2 chemos and they will increase the dosage of one.
Thanks for keeping up with us, and parying for Ella.


  1. She is so blessed to have you as her mommy. She will remember this. . . .she really, really will.

  2. What a tough road you and your family have. I will keep you in my prayers.