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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 71 &72

Ella is fine. It's just that I find myself alone in the house, which is such a rarity, that I realize I'm sitting here thinking. Sometimes maybe it is easier to just keep moving forward and not stop and think.

The kids are playing with one of my closest friends, who just completed her chemo this summer. They were so excited to spend the night they were packing at 6:45am yesterday and had bags of luggage for their overnight trip, which she lovingly packed in her trunk and her front seat. Smiles on all 3 of them as they pulled away yesterday.

I found out this week that my biological father has cancer and is in treatment right now. This is a man that I have only met once. I stopped being sad for myself that I didn't know him years ago after I finally met him. It was weird, because when I met him, I stopped being sad for the things that I thought I missed, and became sad for him and the things that he missed- and is missing out on now. I am not going to claim to know him, but from our brief meeting in 2000, it seemed to me that fear was the thing keeping him from knowing me, and now my family. And we are a damn cool family!

So today, I am praying for Dave. I pray that he believes in our Savior, that he has peace in his life, that his body will be healed, and maybe his heart.


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