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Friday, November 5, 2010

Day 70

Just another ordinary day!
As I typed the number 70, I had to say "Wow 70 days". In some respects it seems like a big number and others so small. As I read the trials of other parents with ALL children, I am reminded on a daily basis that we are the lucky ones. She is so happy and has so much energy. Right now she is singing and dancing behind me and I am wondering how I am going to get this kid to fall asleep in the next 15 minutes so I can get some stuff done! She has been singing everything lately. Making up words for every activity she is doing. Right now I told her I would snuggle in a minute so she is singing about stickers and snuggling.

Today Ella and I used a fabric bone that had blood cells in it and a DR. kit so we could explain to her Build-A-Bears how her blood was sick. She really got into it and preformed the 2nd exam on her kitty all by herself. We went over ever step of what happens when she is in the clinic- and then with the bone explained why. She even accessed their "magic medicine buttons" and put a band aid on them when she was done. It made me feel better to know that she has a better understanding of why we are going through all of this.

Have a good weekend everyone. It's Steve's birthday so Josh and Ella are going to hang out with Aunt Carrie and Steve and I get to go on a date. I'll post again after the weekend unless something comes up.



  1. Katie, Ella looks SO great and healthy... PRAISE GOD! To be honest, I fell off the VanGheem blog wagon for a while. I am so pleased and thankful that her treatment is going so well! PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE!

  2. ... AND I can't believe it's been 70 days!!! WOW

  3. Just joined your blog today. I will be reading and covering your family. We are all a part of a "mommy army."

    Beautiful photos....