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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Day 62- Winds of Change

Wind blowing and clouds moving!
It has been blowing here for the past 2 days. I know, it's Chicago, but it really is windy! We have had unseasonably nice warm weather, but my sinus tell me that's about to change. I know that that is not all that is going to change. Tomorrow starts the next round of Chemo for Ella- 58days. This time around will be harder- and the 58 days after that even worse. I feel like I sucked ever second of joy out of life with her the past couple of days, just because I know what is coming up. This happy, laughing, energetic and smiling 4yr. old is about to become the opposite of all that. Tonight she told Steve "Tomorrow I am not going to be happy!" She told me she was going to stay home all day and not going to go anywhere tomorrow (now imagine a foot stomp and crossed arms).
So, please pray that she will make it thru the next 116 days. That her body will hold up to the treatment, that she wont get any fevers, and her counts stay good.
Steve and I both got massages tonight...Ahhh, calm night.
Chemo tomorrow.......

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