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Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 47

Thanks for the shot Jay!
Ella had another stellar day! Good mood, and we went to the mall super early to buy some books, and earrings. We found some cute clip-on earrings that weren't babyish, but more like a little girl. She was happy just to watch the water fountain from her stroller.

I feel like people smile at us differently. When we pass people, they give us a polite smile, look down at the stroller and see Ella, then they look back at you and give you a different kind of smile. I think this smile has different meanings depending on its origin.  Some say "she is beautiful", some say "oh, something wrong- I'm sorry", and others say- "why is your 4yr old in a stroller?". Mostly, I feel like we get the "I'm sorry" look.  The funny thing is- we are the lucky ones. If you saw the some of the families we see, or if you have read the journey of any other cancer kid, you would know we are the lucky ones. Ella will come out the other side of this, but other kids aren't so lucky. Yes, she will lose her hair, throw up, be poked and prodded, have a crappy 2 years and 3 months- trust me I am not down playing that, but in the end- she will be okay.
Other families going through this, don't know for sure how it will end for them. They can follow all the rules, give all the meds, and take all the tests- but it doesn't mean it will all be okay in the end. This is why we are the lucky ones- we have a 90% chance- that it will.

The song "I am blessed to be a witness" is running through my head tonight, but specifically the chorus "I am blessed, I am blessed, I am blessed, I am blessed".

I am grateful and feel very blessed.

Nighty Night-Katie

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