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Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 57

Amazing how these 2 ropes hanging off a tree can create so much fun! Again- I admire kids!
Today was great. We went to the pumpkin farm as a family today and stayed for about 3 hours. Ella had so much energy, I think she did the maze 4 times. Goeberts has the BEST Peanut Butter Cookies! That helped with my energy levels!  Josh and Ella picked out a huge lopsided pumpkin, watched the dinosaur eat pumpkins, and fed the animals. It was really nice to be out together. We ran into a few people that we know and we just had a nice fun normal day.
Steve's parents are going to take Ella to Wisconsin for a few days. This will be the last time she is able to go for a while, so we are all taking advantage of it. It will be good to have some time with just Josh too. The entire time they played today he was by her side, holding her hand, or had his arm around her. He has such an immense heart.
Have a beautiful Weekend.

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