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Friday, October 15, 2010


Ella is having a good day. She spent the day making flowers barrettes for her and her friends hair today.
She really didn't want to smile!

So, I had to take our 14 yr. old cat into the vet Wednesday for his yearly check up. I went by myself and Ella stayed home with Grandma and Grandpa. He hasn't had any health problem since we got him and has been a really good companion for me since before I met Steve.
They checked his weight and the vet did his exam. He started talking about how they see Thyroid problems in older cats, and then he started talking about doing blood tests to check his levels and to test for other possibilities. I don't think I heard a thing after he said blood tests. My mind just started racing...blood tests, blood tests, BLOOD TESTS!!!!! Tears just started streaming out of my eyes- I felt a little sorry for my vet. He had no idea about Ella or the myriad of blood tests we have gone through in the past 2 months.  I apologized and explained quickly that even though I love my cat, that wasn't the only reason behind my tears. Poor guy. He just handed me a box of Kleenex.
They ran the blood tests and Cole does have Hyperthyroidism. So now he needs medication 2 x a day. So, I am putting them on the same schedule. Maybe it will be good for Ella to see that she isn't the only one that has to take medicine- or maybe she will learn some good maneuvers on how to escape when its med time.

Cole, he didn't want to smile either.

I questioned the Doctor yesterday on Ella being in Remission. He said she is in Remission because they can not longer see the Leukemia in her blood. This is such a huge disconnect for me. I think of Remission as no longer on Chemo. It is difficult to think of her as in Remission when she still has 2+ years of chemo left. It's hard to say "Oh Yeah!" when I know what she still has to go through. The two just don't go hand in hand for me. It is also scary to think she doesn't need to go to the Doctor next week and have a blood test to make sure she is okay. What if she isn't okay, but we don't find out for 2 weeks? It is a little nerve racking- the hospital has become almost a safe guard for me when it comes to caring for Ella. I think it was a relief when she was admitted last week, because I knew I would not be the only one watching her to figure out what was wrong.

This Sunday there is a 5K in Crystal Lake to benefit Cancer. Come run/walk if you can! $25 registration day of...Jes and I are going!

Have a great weekend.

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