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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Day 42 and Part of 43.....

So they figured out what is wrong with Ella. They think the antibiotic she got from the first fever/ER visit gave free reign to the bad-bacteria in her tummy. Then, when she got the 2nd dose in the ER- they just threw a party and made themselves at home.  This is called C-diff and it gave her the fever and diarrhea.  She got Tylenol again on Tuesday night to help with her fever and when she woke up Wednesday morning she ate, was happy and actually talking. It might sound weird, but I don't think I heard her beautiful voice for at least a week.  She had resorted back to whining and grunting her way through our conversations. When she started talking to me on Wednesday morning, I knew she was getting better. They prescribed her another antibiotic to fix the C-diff.
When they checked her blood, her red's were low again, which meant another blood transfusion. This kept us in the hospital until 8.45pm on Wednesday. She had a spinal tap scheduled for Thurday, so we probably should have stayed, but Ella really wanted to go home.We got home around 10pm. She was sooo full of energy when we got home. She was chatty and wanted to play- I just wanted to pass out! We went to bed around 11, but had to be back at the hospital by 9am for a 10am procedure. We were a little bit late :-)

Today, we got to Clinic for her Spinal  and it went really smoothly. She started whining again as soon as she saw us pull into the hospital, and pretty much the rest of the morning. The surgery team came in today to cut out some stitches that were sticking out of the 2 incisions they cut for her port. Every time she heard them say "cut" she stated whining. She is smart. She totally knows what is going on and she is not happy about it. They put her under today for the spinal, and I was determined not to get queaser this time. I took a few deep breaths and Jan stood closer to me "Just in Case".  My knees did get a little weak, but I made it. When it was done and she was laying there recovering, the tears just streamed out of my eyes. I think I feel a little safer letting go when she can't see me. Just seeing her laying there and trusting us all to make her better. Everyone in the room had such a different personality and different way of talking to her and comforting her- but we all have the same goal, make her feel better.

Right now she is singing songs and playing with her Build A Bears. Happy as can be.

One day at a time right? It is all part of the process, just taking one day at a time. Trying to not think so much about tomorrow and just make it through today- good or bad. That way we can cherish these happy moments.

I admire my Mother-In Laws(Jan) ability to play like a child. She is currently diligently dressing Ella's Build-A-Bears and singing while Ella shakes her booty. And as fast as I wrote that- they have switched to reading books. I have a new joy when watching her play- just play.

Praying for all other parents whose child is not currently smiling and "Shaking what their mama gave them!".



  1. So glad to hear Ella is feeling better. And yes, one day at a time, that's all any of us can do. It's hard not knowing the future! Praying hard...

  2. I'm glad that Ella is feeling a lot better and that you're finally back home with precious, Tink! I'm sure she's very happy to be home, too! Just thinking of her shaking her little booty and giggling is making me smile so big! Your mother in law, Jan is such a blessing. She is so sweet. I was so happy to meet her when I came by the house. I hope things stay well. Still praying as I do everyday and night for all of you and especially Ella. Hopefully I can come visit again soon and watch The Little Mermaid with her! :) xoxo

    Love Always,
    Katie Henrici