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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Day-61 Playday!

Today was a major play date day for Ella. She got to play with Rachel, Morgie and Sara today- and she was still chatty tonight at 9pm when I was trying to get her to go to sleep. None of this was planned, but I thought since these are her last few days before her next phase, that I would let her play.
I know I can write about it, but it makes me sad that so few people get to see this happy girl. When we go to Clinic, the doctors think she can't even talk- select muteness. She never says hi to them and rarely even acknowledges them with a glance. It has started to spread to our friends too. If it is not someone that she sees on a daily basis, then forget it. I just think she is a bit overwhelmed- and who can blame her for that. I just wish everyone could see this smart, happy 4yr. old that I get to see.
Ella (Left) Morgan(Middle) and Rachel(Right)
Hopeing tomorrow will be a fun day too.

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