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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 147 & 148- Plus...Ella Kicks cancers Butt Video.

Ella recorded this on Thursday.

She is doing well this weekend. We took her out to eat today since she will be confined to the house for the next few weeks. Right now she and Josh are happily playing on my bed and laughing. There isn't any better sound.

This morning I cut the rest of Ella's hair. She had these few straggling pieces that kept getting in her eyes and mouth. Since there isn't much hair, they are not weighted down and they fly everywhere.  I asked her if she would like me to cut them, she said yes. When we got into the bathroom I acted very casually about it, like it was no big deal. Inside my heart was breaking. After I got one side done she was looking in the mirror and said she wanted to be done. I asked her if she just wanted to look at me instead of the mirror, she said yes. Now, she just has a few little baby hairs on the top of her head. Today they are being covered by a Tinker bell scarf.  Steve pointed out to her that she doesn't have to worry about washing her hair in the tub anymore- now she can just play. That made her smile.


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