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Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 126, 127, and 128- Happy 2011

Ella at clinic
Happy 2011.

Ella had a very fun New Years Eve. She got to spend the night with her Auntie, Josh got to go to a kids party with neighborhood kids and mom and dad got to party with neighborhood adults! We also got to have Jesania with us for the weekend. Ella just loves her Fluffy!

So far Ella has not had a reaction to the Peg shots or the new chemo....Yea! She was pretty tired this week, but she isn't able to sleep well. Daddy took Ella to clinic today for her treatment and she doesn't need to go back until next Monday. Her counts were actually pretty good today which surprised me, but I am grateful.
Ella is looking forward to seeing her grandparents again this weekend! They are flying back to see her and go to treatment with her. I know everyone is looking forward to their visit. Her next treatment is next Monday.

Ella started losing her hair again today. I know she has been lucky to keep it as long as she has, and I am grateful, but it just is a reminder that we are stuck in "Cancer Land " for 2 more years. I was grateful that Steve was able to take her today so I had a day to do Non-cancer related things. One of the kids whose journey I have been following passed this weekend. A few more were hospitalized for fevers. When I read this, it does 2 things. 1- realize how lucky we are that Ella has only had 1 infection she had to be hospitalized for. 2- I realize what devastation this disease can do to families. I just wonder how we do two more years of this. Ahrg.


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