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Monday, January 17, 2011

Day 142

Ella had clinic with daddy, grandma and grandpa today. Since daddy had the day off, her wanted to go with. This was the quickest clinic trip ever for Ella because she didn't need chemo today- just a blood count and exam. She was off to Build A Bear by 11:00am. Steve took a few pictures today, but I'm not going to post them. She looks so unhappy, I just don't want that memory burned into any one's brain. I know it's the reality of her situation, but today I'm not in the mood for reality.  So, I'll give you this one instead. it's a picture of Josh and Ella in Myrtle Beach, Ella's favorite place.

May 2009
 I'd say today she has about 1/3 of the hair left that she had 2 days ago. She said she would like her dad to shave his head, but not until she loses all her hair. She would also like to have a pizza party to celebrate. If anyone else would like to shave their head, they are welcome to come over for pizza :-)

 When I was brushing her teeth tonight she was just staring in the mirror and she was pissed. So, we started yelling at cancer in the mirror. It made her smile. We also gave cancer a good raspberry!  Tonight she asked me to make her a purple shirt that says "Ella kicks cancers butt", she is stronger than I even realize.

She is sound asleep in our bed right now. She is happy that the weather is bad, because it means grandma and grandpa have to stay an extra day before they head back to Florida. So, she gets one extra day with her favorite playmates and I get to take a deep breath....ahhhh.


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