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Monday, May 2, 2011

Monday May 2nd, 2011

Strong girl!
 I love Stuff like this. When Josh and Ella and just being brother and sister and playing. We got to karate 15 minutes early on Saturday so we hung out in the car and they were goofing around, so I took a few pics. Ella liked this one because she said she looks so strong. She is the strongest girl I know.

Ella had a good week. Not a ton of meds because it is the end of her "month" so she was in a really good mood and have lots of energy.  Tomorrow is clinic day, so we will see how her counts are holding up and do it all over again.
Just goofing in the car.

Happy girl.
Grandma and grandpa are back from Florida so they are here for clinic and to help out with Ella. I am under the weather so I'm trying to keep my distance just to be safe.  This picture I took today. She is in a really good mood and was so excited that grandma and grandpa got to watch her at gymnastics class.

This week Steve and I will be attending Noah's funeral.  That's going to be a hard day. I am sure there will be such a great representation of family and love there to respect little Noah.

Many blessings to you and your family. Cherish every moment.


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