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Monday, May 16, 2011

Monday May 16th, 2011 Ella's Birthday

I know it probably goes without saying, but this birthday had a whole new meaning for our family. Ella turned five today. Ella, lived to be five years old, have a birthday party, eat birthday cake, and smile with her friends. Ella is still here with us. I can tell you that tears are streaming down my cheeks as I type because I feel that we are so blessed to have her here with us still.
Ella's Birthday party was a gift to us this year in more ways than one. There is a foundation called Bear Necessities that does a mini gift to children with cancer. Ella decided months ago that she wanted hers to be a Build A Bear Birthday party, and so it was. We are very grateful to the Bear Necessities Foundation for their generosity and support.
Ella's Birthday party theme last year was rainbows, and this year she has been really big on the peace symbol, so it was very fitting that build A Bear has a new Peace and Rainbow bear that Ella fell in love with for her gift this year. She had so much fun with her friends and when the party was done, the kids all went out to the front of the store, gathered around Ella and sang happy birthday to her. Even one of the BAB employees teared up as everyone sang. After the party we went to Rain Forest Cafe for dinner and the kids got to enjoy the build A Bear cake that Steve and I made for her.
Ella at the Rain Forest Cafe
Ella's cake

This cake was definitely a labor of Love! Ella wanted it to look like the Valentine's day BAB Box, so we did our best to copy it for her and she was so surprised when she woke up on Saturday and saw it on the counter.  Josh was really sweet and said" Ella, it's the perfect cake for you!"

Our family came in from Wisconsin not only to celebrate Ella's birthday but to watch Josh at his Karate Tournament Saturday Morning. He took 2nd place in Self Defense. I am so very proud of him. He was so very nervous. I don't think he moved a muscle except for when it was his turn to compete. I think he was relieved when it was all over.

I just want to say that Steve and are are so grateful to everyone who was a party of Ella's birthday celebration. Weather you sent a birthday wish, gift, or were able to be a part of her day- we just really appreciate your love and ability to spend this joyful day with us! THANK YOU ALL.
Ella and her Rainbow Peace bear- Yes, that is what she named it!
I also wanted to mention that we saved some of Ella's hair before it all fell out, and this week we compared the color. It is the EXACT same color it was before! Which from what our Onc says is rare. Ella was so happy. She really wanted her red hair back, and I am happy that at least that stayed the same for her!
Have a wonderful week my friends.


  1. Okay, so you don't know me - I'm a teenager living in New Zealand. But I've been reading your blog for quite a few months now. And I just want to say....


  2. Happy 5th Birthday Ella! The bear is super cute just like the owner :)

  3. Ella, Happy Birthday!!
    Kate, I went to school with Steve. He was a good friend, but I moved to Utah and we lost touch.
    Without your blog, I'm sure I would not have found him.
    Your children are adorable, I can not begin Imagine your pain and the difficulty of your ordeal. Your deeply personal accounts are touching and bring tears to my eyes. We will be praying for Ella. Could you have Steve call me?
    Steve Thomasma

  4. Happy Birthday, Ella!!

    Cake is beautiful, Katie!