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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tuesday December 27th

Day four at Loyola.
Ella's fever FINALLY BROKE around 6am this morning. It stayed gone all day without more Tylenol or Ibuprofen.  Her Aunt Carrie brought her bagels from Panera, but we still can't get her to eat much. She has been drinking some protein shakes, and a small amount of cantaloupe and grapes. Her ANC was up to 700 which is pretty good, but they tested her antibodies and they are at 250. The ideal is 500. So they are giving her IVIG in her IV to boost that. The side effects of this drug are low blood pressure, vomiting, diarrhea, and headaches. They will have to monitor her every hour tonight to make sure her blood pressure doesn't go too low.  There is also a viral pneumonia in her lungs.  She will be here until she starts eating and we get the diarrhea under control. She is also on chemo hold still until the doctors feel her counts and body are ready to start up again.
Ella's Hospital Door
This is what the door to Ella's room looks like. So whenever a doctor or a nurse comes in, they need to put on a mask, gloves and gown. Today, I was really frustrated with one of Ella;s doctors. They stood at the door to talk to me while I was on the other side of the room with Ella, because they did not want to "gown up" as they put it.  I know they are busy, but this doctor spent more time in the hallway talking to the residents than to me. It was very frustrating. I know everyone has their gifts. I can tell you how much I appreciate the doctors and nurses that care for Ella in body and spirit. Ella knows who those people are too. She warms up to them so much quicker that the ones that want to treat her body and leave the room.  Maybe my expectations are too high? Really, they do not get evaluated based on how happy their patients are, just how healthy they are.  I am grateful for the ones who have the gift and ability to treat the entire person.
Ella and her Christmas puppy.
Thanks for keeping up with us.

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  1. Hi Ella - its Mrs. Kuzy! Ive been thinking about you and sending prayers your way. I hope that ur fever stays away and that you kicked its butt too!! Xoxoxo Mrs. Kuzy