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Friday, December 30, 2011

Friday December 30th 2011- Christmas

We celebrated Christmas this morning. I tried, but it just wasn't the same. It wasn't the gifts, it was that I hard a hard time feeling the gratefulness and joy that I usually feel this time of year.  Ella is at that perfect Christmas age. She was so excited she asked to sleep in front of the Christmas tree so she could see Santa. She wanted to know if she was going to be able to hold the candle at church this year. She was excited. I had a hard time feeling joyful this morning, because this morning it was just about the gifts. I felt like the main reason for the season was gone from me. we didn't take any pictures.  I really just wanted to turn the tree off and get back into bed, alas the day was full of "Things" that had to be done.

One of those things was taking the van for it's emissions test.  The emissions test is due on January 31st, but the license plate renewal is due n December 31st. I missed the note in big BOLD black letters on the emissions test that said they would not renew my plates until the van passed the test. So, in the mail when I got home I found my check for the license plate renewal un-cashed with a letter from the state telling me I need to learn how to read. So I was off to get the van tested and send in the plate renewal, again. As soon as the van passed I went to the post office to wait in line and get the renewal back in the mail. I figure I won't really be driving much for the next week so I can wait for snail mail to get my plate renewal sticker to the right office. We live in a small town. The kind that has 1 fire department, 1 post office and 2 bars. The post office is a small town post office that is busier on most days than it can handle. Today as I was next in line, the lady in front of me realized she was short $.40 to pick up her package. She asked the counter clerk to hang on as she went to her car to get the money, I told her not to worry about it, I had the $.40. She thanked me and went on her way.  When I got up to the counter the clerk mentioned that it was a good thing she knew me. I said I didn't know her and she took my envelope and mailed it for free. She re-stamped the date since I had a stamp on it from the 1st time and resent my renewal. I thanked her and went to my van. I could not help but cry.  (Not just cry, but sob like a baby.  You could say I am a little tired and emotional right now.) Her one small act of kindness made me realize in an overwhelming manner that the joy of Christmas- the real joy is an everyday thing. Not just once a year.

Ella did really well today. She was like a completely different child today. She wasn't walking hunched over and she smiled and played with Jesania and her brother. No fevers, her appetite was better and she was happy to play with all her new toys.  My favorite all time gift? My husband and children. They are a gift that I can treasure everyday. I really hope I can remember that the next time my hubby walks by a full garbage can, Josh takes 30 minutes to brush his teeth and Ella has a complete meltdown.

Happy New Year Everyone. Enjoy your gifts.


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