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Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Just a plain old boring week at the Van Gheem household.  A few seconds ago Ella informed me that we HAD to paint her nails because her toes were starting to chip!  In the picture above she is wearing her new leotard for gymnastics class. Today Ella took her 1st class, and she really loved it. She has been asking me for the past hour when her next class is and she just asked me how to write "Ella is so pretty in her new leotard". She has been in a good mood and I think her week of steroids if finally wearing thin.  No medical issues for Ella this week, so we are very grateful for every boring/healthy day. It was so cool to see her smiling and playing with other girls today. I think she only looked up once to smile at me.

This week we booked a ticket for Ella to fly to Florida to see Grandma and Grandpa. Since she couldn't go last time, now she gets her own special time with them. Not too shabby that I get to go back to Florida too.  She has plans to collect no less than 6 buckets of shells, and decorate them all with glitter glue. She also wants Rainbow Sherbet. I have a feeling she will be able to do whatever she wants for the 5 days we are there.  Next week Josh will be on Spring Break, and it is starting to look like spring around here.  Ella and I planted a bunch of seeds 2 weeks ago and they are growing fast! We also had our first flower come up, and Ella was so happy that it was purple.
Looking forward to many more boring days.

Blessings and Much Love~Katie

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  1. This is mandy, ella's gymnastics coach. I just want you to know that i love having ella in my class. She is such a sweetheart, and i feel lucky that i get to see her every monday.