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Monday, March 7, 2011

March 7th, 2011

Hair is growing!
If Ella had hair, There is no way you would guess she has cancer right now. And, her hair is starting to grow back.
She had a good week, nothing unusual, lots of playing and lots of dancing. We stayed in this week since her counts were low at clinic. She sis get to play with her friends and she spent a lot of time with Pickles (Sara) this week. Sara is my sanity saver. Thank you Sara!

We signed Ella up for Cheerleading this Saturday. Her BFF Morgan is in it, so she wanted to do it too. It doesn't start until the fall, but I am still nervous about her doing it. When Steve asked her what she liked about Cheer, Ella responded "The Outfit!". Ahh, that's my girl. I still don't know how that happened when I don't wear make-up and most days you can find me and variety of colored GAP sweatshirts.

Last night we had a picnic dinner in the living room. Ella packed everything in her lunch box and took it over to the blanket. She told everyone where she wanted them to sit and we ate on the floor. Then the kids spent most of the night playing with a train set. So, overall- Good weekend.

We got a call from Lifesource Blood Bank this week. They asked us if they could use the commercial we made for church to inspire blood donations, as a commercial. We signed the release forms and they will be playing it in Palatine, IL soon. We are glad that some good can come from all of this. Remember....donate!!!

Tomorrow we have clinic again. If her counts are good this time, she will officially be on Maintenance! She will also have a spinal to make sure the cancer has not gotten into her spinal and cerebral fluids, and of course chemo. I was talking to someone this weekend and they said I was strong. Ella was listening and I heard her say "And I am Brave!". Yes you are baby, yes you are!

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