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Monday, March 14, 2011

Ella had a good week.  She had clinic on Tuesday and her ANC was JUST high enough for her to begin her final phase! YEA!!!  She had a spinal and 2 chemo treatments. Then we went over to the zoo and I pushed her around in the stroller to look at the animals and get some fresh air!  They take her off restriction during this phase, which means she can go to school, church and eat certain foods again. We went to the store that night for grapes, strawberries and blueberries. It was so cool to see how happy she was just to eat a blueberry.

Ella also got to go back to church this week, and go to Sunday School. I was really nervous that someone would ask her about her hair, and she would get upset. But, she did great and when I saw her, one of her older friends, Kate, had her arm around her in a very protective manner and was sitting by her. It was very sweet.

Today she decided to clean her room as a "surprise" and she made her bed all by herself, so I snagged this quick picture of her on her bed.  Ella doesn't have to go back to clinic now until April, but we now give her chemo at home on a daily basis until October 2012.

We are doing the local Relay for Life and walking for both Ella and her Auntie Carrie who has colon cancer.  If you are interested in walking, or just donating, please sign up.  I will attach the link below. Our Team name is Cancer Butt Kickers!

Have a great week!

Relay for Life

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