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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day Six- Going Home

The first time I brought Ella home from the hospital.
Ella woke up and asked if this was the day she was going home. Then she wanted to know what time! She has a port put into her chest today that allowed her Dr. to access her blood without sticking her each time. She came out of surgery really well. As soon as she was awake enough, she asked for noodles! Then she asked if they could please disconnect her so she could put a dress on- purple of course.-That's my girl!

We got great news today- there are no more visible blast cells in Ella's blood. This is a good sign that she will be a "Rapid Responder" to chemo which means=REMISSION! I am afraid to be too happy about this, but hey- for today it will do!

We brought her home around 4.30 today. We pulled up to the house which was adorned with balloons and signs from our wonderful friends and the kids I work with at church. I still feel this overwhelming sense of love. And at times, I honestly FEEL like people are praying for Ella. This picture was taken by Steve, the day that Ella was born.

We have all her medications lined up and spent part of the night just trying to translate them from generic names, to the names the Dr. told us, to when they need t be given. My 4 year old would rather eat carrots all night then be forced to take a mint flavored medicine, but she is getting there- we are getting there.

I don't cry all the time anymore. It seems to be the little things that set it off. I moved a piece of her hair out of her face when she came out of surgery, and I had to stop myself from heaving with tears over the loss of her hair. I went into her room and cried as I had to move her toys to make room for medical supplies. I tried to keep it hidden in a drawer so she doesn't have to see it. I still want her room to be that joyful place I planned for her while she was still in my belly. I held back tears when I tried to tell my friend she will be okay. I don't know who I am trying to convince more- them or me.
For today, I am grateful that she is snuggled in Her bed, with her blankies, and softly breathing in and out as I watch her sleep. I thank God that I can still watch her do this.


  1. Princess Ella is still going to be The Princess, you have to help her be that. And you will. Steve will. Josh will.
    Thank you for taking me here since I am not physically there.

  2. Praise God! I'm so happy she's back! Yes, Katie WE HAVE BEEN PRAYING, THERE ARE TONS OF PEOPLE PRAYING FOR ELLA!! and God listened...
    Please let us know when we can see her, I understand that she needs to be away for a while so she doesn't get any viruses from other kids or adults. Know that YOU ARE LOVED!
    Many, many, many blessings! Jimena

  3. We have been constantly thinking of you and praying for you all. The prayers will continue for as long as Ella needs them. You are amazing parents and she will get her strength from you both.
    Hugs and to you all,
    Melissa Decabooter