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Friday, August 27, 2010

Day One- The Journey Begins

On Wednesday morning, Ella went to get a blood draw to check monitor her blood counts. This was the 4'th time she's had her blood drawn in the last two weeks. At 3:48, we got "the call"--Our pediatrician informed us that the blood tests confirmed that our little girl, Ella, has Leukemia. He offered a few words of consolation and encouragement and had us contact a Pediatric Hematologist at Loyola Hospital. I spoke with a nurse practitioner named Gail. She was informative and confident. They had already prepped admissions at the hospital and we were to get Ella admitted that night and she'd likely be staying 3-5 days. It was 4 PM on Wednesday and she let us know that by 4PM on Thursday we'd have confirmation of Ella's disease.

That night she had an IV put in and a blood transfusion. Her red blood count was 7.8 and her white was 13. She had to be awaken every 15 minutes during the night to check her vitals.

They told us that she was scheduled for a spinal tap and bone marrow aspiration for 9am with Dr. R. Manera. Steve went home to get Josh squared away and off to Wisconsin to spent time with his parents. Mom stayed with Ella in her hospital bed.

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