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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday May 24th, 2012


That's what Ella's doctor told me this morning.  She said Ella's X-Ray's came back great and you could even see growth lines in her bones.  Which means it is very possible that this is a case of growing pains.  Yes, growing pains.  I told Steve I feel foolish if that's what it is. I've been scared and imagined every possibility in the past few weeks from Ella just not wanting to go to school to tumors forming in her back and legs.  When I prayed last night, the only thing I could even say is "Please let her be healed".  Steve sat down and told me there was no reason to feel foolish.. That when a healthy kid gets a fever they call the doctor, we have to go to clinic and pack and overnight bag.  He reminded me that we have a whole different playbook right now and that the normal "kid" rules don't apply to us.

If you don't know Steve and I, here is a little insight.  Steve is calm, patient, a thinker. He NEVER cries, not because he doesn't care, but because he is always thinking about how to fix the situation or be practical about it.  We are a team. I am so very grateful for that.  One of the reasons we make a good team is because we are opposites when it comes to  the emotional stuff.  I'm the one freaking out and worrying about ever possible worse case scenario, and Steve sat in the clinic room as cool as can be yesterday. He is really good at taking the situation for what it is at that moment and applying it to the "Big Picture". I'm more of a "Just in the Moment" kinda gal.  So, we balance each other when it comes to stuff like this.  Steve is my rock. He came with yesterday because he knew I needed him.

So, Ella went to school today with some more Tylenol and we wait for the MRI next Wednesday to see if we can figure out her back pain.  Maybe that's growing pains too?



  1. When the two of you got engaged, I felt that it wasn't just him being so lucky for finding someone as wonderful and fun as you, but also you being so fortunate as to 'lock down' one of the greatest men I know.

  2. You have no reason to ever feel foolish. Think of the symptoms that brought us to this awful disease and it's amazing we can stay calm at anything anymore. Just stay positive and be grateful that we can sometimes feel foolish - that means nothing is seriously wrong. Take one day at a time. I know things will turn out good. BUT, don't ever ignore pain - you are doing the right thing. You are Ella's advocate so stay strong and stay on them. Sending positive energy and hugs your way.